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How to Set Up A Blog
How to Set Up A Blog: Easier Than You Think

I was at an event hosted by Alex Jeffreys today, and it struck me from the people in the room that there are a helluva lot of people out there who have been trying for months – years even – to make their first dollar online.

It was also obvious from speaking with a few of them that it’s not because they don’t know stuff about t’internet – well, maybe in some cases they were newbies, but a lot had been around such stuff for a while – but rather, because they weren’t sure where to begin.

Or they’d forgotten the basics.

Well, everything stems from something, and I’d like to make it a mission of this blog to help newbies, and those with ‘IM Overwhelm’ to make a first sale online.

If I succeed with just one of you, then I’ll be pleased to have helped. (Secretly, though, I hope that many of you will follow the advice on here – based on what I’ve done myself – and start to build your own online presence).

And that’s where we’ll start. Your own online presence.

So, have you got a blog yet? No? How about a domain and some hosting? No, again? OK, cool, no problem.

I’ve created a series of simple to follow ebooks, which you can download for free, showing how to get started. I’ve assumed nothing, so hopefully your every question is covered. If it isn’t, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer. 🙂

All right, enough with the preamble, here’s the first ebook, which covers both the free WordPress platform and also your own hosted domain:

>>How To Get A Web Address And Set Up Your Blog<<

[I personally use tsohost here in the UK, and I can recommend them both for value and customer service, which is excellent. You can check them out here, if you’d like to.]

If you prefer video, then here’s a video of how to get set up. 🙂

Hopefully, that was helpful for you and sorry about the use of horse-y type references. My main business stuff on the webosphere is in the UK horse racing niche – you might have even seen some of it if you’re very lucky! 😉

I’ll bring you another video like this very soon… but first, if you haven’t already, get to it and get your blog set up. You don’t want to be getting behind so early now, do you? 😉



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