The Challenge – Pre-Training

Pre-Challenge TrainingLike all training, whether it’s for a football team or an academic pursuit, it’s necessary to get a few preparatory elements in place before you start.

The Challenge is no different.

There’s nothing onerous about it: quite the opposite in fact, as we’re eased into what’s to follow, by setting up a few accounts, understanding ‘the art of the possible’, and so on.

So, here’s the pre-training week:

The Challenge Pre-Training Day One

Day one is as gentle as they come. It simply involves registering for a uStream account. uStream is an online video website, through which it is also possible to ‘broadcast’ a sort of TV show.

Check out pre-training lesson one here.

The Challenge Pre-Training Day Two

Day Two is all about Twitter. If you know about Twitter and already have an account, then great. If not, check out the video and get signed up. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Twitter but, despite that, I do have over 1,000 followers there, so I have to respect the fact that lots of people are fans. As such, I put links to all my racing posts onto Twitter. Or, as they say in the trade, I ‘tweet’ all of my blog posts!

Pre-training lesson two is here.

The Challenge Pre-Training Day Three

Day Three introduces you to a new tool, and in fact I’m writing this post using it! I gave up on Internet Explorer about five years ago, and switched over to Firefox. However, recent problems with that browser have seen me move over almost permanently to Google’s web browser, Chrome.

It’s robust, stable and quick – what more could you ask for?!

In this part of the pre-training, you’ll need to download and install Chrome, as well as a couple of extra ‘add ins’ that you can run within Chrome.

It should take you about ten minutes.

Lesson three – the Chrome lesson – is here.

The Challenge Pre-Training Day Four

Now, I’ve referred in the titles to ‘days’, but in fact you could be up to this point in less than an hour, comfortably (and that’s even with stopping for a cup of tea!)

Day Four is a change of pace, and a VERY important video. Nothing much to do except watch the video. But do think on the content, as it’s really important to manage your expectations. If you’ve been following me for any time, you’ll be fine with that, which is cool. 😉

Watch the Day Four vid here.

The Challenge Pre-Training Day Five

More necessary (if slightly mundane) video content here. I’d urge you to watch this through, just so you know where everyone stands with this. It’s the disclaimer and, whilst we all have a tendency just to ‘tick the box’ and hope there’s nothing in the small print, I encourage you to watch this through so you KNOW there’s nothing in the fine print.

Day five of pre-training is here.

The Challenge Pre-Training Day Six

One of the best pieces of advice you’ll ever get on running… not just an internet business, but… any business is here. Watch this video, take notes, and drum the mantra of the four parts into yourself. This is crucial, as it will stop you from setting off so many blind and unproven alleys, and keep you on the most expedient path to your future success.

I’m not over-stating it: this is fundamental stuff which most businesses get WRONG!

Watch this, and then watch it again!

The Challenge Pre-Training Day Seven

It’s the end of the pre-training week. Woohoo!

And, as a special treat, it’s time to meet Mr Dan Raine. Mr Dan is an uber-nerd and hard drinking Mancunian. He’s a bit wild, and is prone to bouts of extreme (whisky-fuelled) profanity, but he’s harmless enough underneath! 😉

What he most certainly is, is a chap who knows his onions from his tomatoes when it comes to what works online. The reason? He and his ‘lab team’ test everything to death.

They don’t guess. They test.

In today’s video, Dan is going to explain to you how to get the best out of The Challenge. I strongly advise you to listen!

Meet Mr Dan here.


And that, friends, is it. Once you’ve done all of the above (and if you have a block of time, it’ll take no more than two hours), you’re ready to start proper.

My advice is to take a break of a day or two, but not more than a week, between completing pre-training and starting The Challenge proper.

The reason? I always find that things sink a little if they’re just left in my mind, unconsciously whirring away in the background. That way, I don’t get overwhelmed with new information, and the gen I’ve picked up finds its place and stays there. Make sense?

OK, if you haven’t already, you know what to do – so get to it!

Leave a comment below if you get stuck with anything, or have any questions.


p.s. I’ll be blogging on The Challenge proper from next week.

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