Introducing… The Bisogno Bulletin

Yes, I know, it’s a pretty lousy title. And if you think that’s bad, just wait til you see the graphic design. (Hint, there is no graphic design).

So if you’re the sort that’s looking for style over substance, look away now!

But if you like a good rant, or a considered editorial, or some profit-ripping statistical analysis, then I reckon this might just float your boat. Continue reading “Introducing… The Bisogno Bulletin”

Join Me in the Challenge 2011

Take the Challenge 2011This changed my life.

I appreciate that’s a bold statement. But it’s true.

When I decided I wanted to live a better, freer life, I figured that this was the way forward for me.

I knew that if I worked hard at it, and didn’t stop at the first sign of a problem, I’d get to where I wanted to be.

That was five years ago, and I am of course talking about the start of my online journey.

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