What, How, Who, When?!

In today’s video, I want to introduce you to the specifics of this excellent and proven opportunity. This is not for dreamers or for those who won’t take action. But for those who genuinely want to make a real change in their lives, and are excited about the possibility of starting a business, then I guarantee you’ll succeed.


This offer goes live at MIDDAY tomorrow, Thursday, 12th September.


I’d encourage you to watch the entire video, but if there’s something specific you want to know, there’s a breakdown of what is where beneath it. In the meantime, if you have any questions about this, then please leave a comment and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.



00:30 – What is the Platinum Programme?
01:30 – Why I started doing this…
02:34 – Three key ‘Freedoms’
03:57 – What’s in the Platinum Programme 2013?
14:40 – How I Will PERSONALLY Help You to Succeed
16:12 – £2,500 for sending an email?!
17:39 – Training Breakdown: Strategy
18:26 – Training Breakdown: Tactics (live ‘over my shoulder’)
21:57 – Summary of the Platinum Programme
22:54 – Your investment is…
24:36 – Two ‘No Brainer’ Bonuses
24:58 – My ‘Better than Money Back’ Guarantee to you
25:38 – Availability

15 thoughts on “What, How, Who, When?!”

  1. Hi Matt
    Two questions; firstly could you give me an idea of minimum start-up costs required in addition to your fee; and, secondly, is it really feasible to take part in the programme when one has no idea of a product or service for the business?

    1. Hi Adrian

      Excellent questions both.

      Minimum start up costs: domain, hosting, email service provider – £100 or so for the first year. If you use techies to help you (and I recommend you do), then you might need another 50-80 pounds.

      Regarding a product or service, there is a lot of training in the package specifically focused on this, and I am available to bounce ideas off too. If you did have an angle or idea in mind, it will help. But a fair few successful students have started without anything in mind, and made a success of this, so it’s not essential at the outset.

      Hope that clarifies, and
      Best Regards,

    1. Haha, hardly Phill.

      I have to say, for those who have heard me talk about this in the pub, I’m a good bit more evangelical in that environment.

      There are two key facts here:
      1. I know this stuff works, from my own lifestyle
      2. I know this stuff works, from the people I’ve mentored/trained

      For those who take action, good things await.

      Was that evangelical again?! 😉


  2. Hi Matt,

    Thanks a lot for a very pro pitch that certainly peaked my interest a query though.

    With all the resources that maybe be available in the Platinum members arena, by signing up, would it pre-empt my subscriptions to RP members, HRB, SBC, Flatstats etc. in respect of researching systems/angles or would this still be an ongoing cost for me?



    1. Hi Lozza

      I don’t see your subscriptions and my Platinum Programme as mutually exclusive. I use all sorts of resources for my own research and betting.

      Basically, this is about building a business, not about subscriptions to horse racing data suppliers. It’s much (MUCH) more than that!


  3. Hi Matt, having watched the first two parts in your series of video’s unfortunately it doesn’t seem possible to access the third ? Have you not distributed it yet ? Or is this a blonde moment? Like Adrian mentioned above not coming to the table with crystal clear idea does cause apprehension and with so many products and methods available your input would definitely be required to find a niche market. The interest to proceed and succeed are definitely there, working with or being introduced to someone and collaborating ideas is something else that would be considered. Thanks for the informative vid’s. Hopefully the third one will appear soon ?

    1. Hi Dave

      I think there are a few problems with the number of times the video is being ‘served’ at the moment. Please keep trying. If you still have problems, there will be time to watch it tomorrow as well.

      Whilst the material I share has specific examples from the worlds of horse racing (and football) betting products, the marketing materials are generic (and indeed were ‘borrowed’ by me originally from other areas!)

      Hope that adds at least a little colour.

      Best Regards,

  4. sounds great not sure i would have the time to be honest mayb next time.can u just but hre not the platium? im just looking to learn about racing syatems angles etc reckon that might b more for me? cheers

  5. Hi, Matt. I loved your video. I felt desperate to join up. I’ve mentioned to you before my motto – Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid (Goethe). Since leaving the RAF in 1969 and trying various jobs, I quickly came to the conclusion that I could only work for myself, and in the main, that’s what I’ve done. I’ve set up businesses (very trepidatiously at first, wow, it was scary) and moved on to other, more successful ventures. When bored and feeling the need to move on, I’ve sold businesses always at a fine profit.

    But now, I’m feeling my age. I’m 67 next month and still recovering from major surgery 22 months ago. Obviously, we’re retired, and I suppose we’re “comfortably off” as they say. Nice house – paid for! Decent vehicle, lovely family … you get the idea.

    I shouldn’t use cliches, but the old “if only I were 10 years younger” becomes a truth in my case. Occasional bad days produce a “senior moment” here and there, as you’ve seen.

    Bottom line, I have a great system, I can help people make money. I’m on fire, incendiary, sitting here with my stats. Maths is a language few understand. I’m fluent. But I’m not in a good place physically and I tire easily.

    I’m sure you’ll continue to thrive in business, and this one – to anyone with the requisite ambition – is clearly an exciting and profitable adventure just waiting to happen!

    Look forward to seeing 20 new products online soon!

  6. Hi Matt,
    liked the idea and concept but I am only just surviving at the moment, hanging on by the proverbial fingertips in fact!
    So unless your offer had been you have half my first two years profit it was a no brainer, not the time to borrow money for any reason.
    The only negative for me was the build up about life changing only leading to a sales delivery that sprung the 24 hours to find a lot of money, but obviously its a tactic that works.

    1. Thanks John, for your comments.

      Regarding a sales pitch, I’m so proud of the results my previous students have had, I can’t tell you. And the impact it has had on some of their lives is fantastic. It’s truly amazing to be a small contributor to people’s futures.

      On a more commercial level, it DOES take a lot of my time to personally mentor people, and I do need to ensure I have the right kind of commitment from each intake. I don’t think anybody can seriously question the value proposition here. Whether it is affordable is a different question entirely and, with respect, you either ‘get’ that ‘price and value’ thing, or you don’t.

      Best Regards,

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