Online Business Training Part 4: Getting Visitors

OK, so you have a product and a website. Now what? How about some visitors, and potential customers? In today’s report, I share a number of ways for you to drive targeted traffic (i.e. people who are actually interested in what you have to offer) to your site.

The report is at the end of this post, but before you download that, allow me to tell you a bit more about why I’m qualified to help, what I’ve got and what it’ll do for you, who I think it’s for, and what happens next.

Actually, that seems like a pretty good way to break things down. So, what qualifies me to help you?

Well, I’ve been online for coming up five years now, and have been running a comfortable six figure business for the last three of those (as well as enjoying the lifestyle of a passionate horse racing fan with a portable office!)

The point is that I know about this ‘game’. I have worked hard to get a position at the top table, and am respected for two things: my knowledge of horse racing and betting, and my knowledge of marketing and growing a business.

I’m now becoming known and respected as a teacher of marketing, specifically in the sports betting space though the skill set is far more generic than that. And my ‘students’ (I hate that word!) have demonstrated their ability to take my advice and tuition on board and deliver impressive results for themselves.

To continue the ‘schooling’ analogy, ‘graduates’ of my 2009 and 2010 classes are now making their living full time online, and loving the lifestyle it affords them. They were obviously apprehensive beforehand, but made that leap of faith and have never looked back.

I salute them for taking a risk (albeit not much of one in the grand scheme of things), and the direct consequence of risk is reward, which is what they are enjoying now as they continue to grow their businesses, as friends, colleagues and business partners of mine now.

Next, what am I offering?

Without saying too much right now and ‘giving the game away’, I can tell you that currently in production is a very limited run of information media that has been proven to launch any business (not just horse racing, though it is primarily focused there) to the next level and beyond.

I know that sounds like hyperbole, and of course I don’t expect you to believe me on the face of that alone! So, soon enough (hopefully next week), I’ll be able to substantiate that with some proof of other people’s experiences since working with me.

My offer consists of a home study course with a twist. You see, home study implies the school thing again, and it suggests that this is all theory based academia.

But that’s not my style. I love action takers. So in the box, you will of course find chapter and verse on how to start and grow your business using various key ‘levers’ to gear up your current operations (if you’ve made a start already).

As well as that, I’ve also gone into minute detail on how I set up my last ‘mainstream’ product promotion and generated over £25,000 in sales in less than a day. And then put the sold out sign up.

I’ve recorded every single step of that process, so you can see ‘over my shoulder’ as I put the whole shooting match together, right down to the ‘go live’ day and those crazy numbers.

So that’s the theory and the practice covered. But what about if you’re not a copywriter? Or hate techie stuff? Well, I explain how I get things done quickly and without hassle (hint, I don’t always do things myself!), and where I go for support.

I’m also including for the first time my own personal ‘swipe file’. If you don’t know, a swipe file is a body of articles, sales pages, emails and so on, that has been used to sell things in the past. In fact, these are the exact pieces that I used to generate that £25k pay day.

The final thing in the box, which pulls everything else together, is an action plan. Yes, the same action plan that I use to do all of my product releases. You’ll see what to do and when, how long it is likely to take, and be able to easily plan your way through the stages. (Another hint, I planned and executed the above in less than three weeks, which included two days at the races, and six days in San Diego!)

I’ve got a few more surprises up my sleeve to make this a no-brainer decision for anyone serious about wanting to either get started online, or move to the next level, but I’ll tell you more about that next time. Which leads me onto the next question…

Who is this for?

Frankly, this isn’t for everyone. It’s not for tyre-kickers, nor is it for dreamers. And sorry, but if you give up at the first sign of a problem or difficulty, then – with respect – it won’t be for you.

But if you can overcome the occasional hiccup, and if you are dedicated to your own success, then I guarantee this will work for you. (Again, more on my guarantee next time).

So that’s the mindset covered, in terms of who this is for. But what about in terms of where you might be on the ‘no clue newbie to experienced service provider continuum’.

Well, I’ve tutored both ends of that spectrum in the last two years, and I’ve enjoyed watching them work through the process to achieve their goals. In essence, your attitude to this is much more important than your level of experience.

Clearly, it will help shortcut things if you have some awareness of the internet, or a product idea, or have seen a fair amount of marketing. If that’s you, then you will devour this programme.

But if you’re new, you can achieve great things too. Like Kieran, who’d never had a website and knew nothing about them (still doesn’t really!), and never had any clue about marketing but followed my blueprint. This is now his business.

And of course there’s Gavin, who like Kieran was clueless but brought a passion for racing and a desire to learn and is now very well established at the top table online.

What about Richard, who shuns the limelight, but is a diligent ‘bean counter’ who worked really hard on this, and smashed a £55,000 product release at his first attempt? And that was just in March this year! Recession? Really? 😉

Now I don’t say you’ll hit those heights, but what about if you did a fifth as well? Or even a tenth, on your first try? Would that be a good start?

To sum up, if you have some knowledge or experience, you should be giving this a LOT of thought. If you’re determined to succeed but maybe less experienced, you still qualify and I’ve a number of students who started out in that bracket, so obviously it can be done.

If you’re easily put off, or are not prepared to learn, then this probably isn’t for you, I’m afraid.

OK, finally, what happens next?

Ah yes, I’m glad you asked! A couple of things. Firstly, download the report below and have a good read through. There’s plenty of decent traffic-getting insight in there and, if you don’t decide to take me up on my offer (when I eventually make it!), then that info will certainly be enough to get you up and running online.

Secondly, next week, I’ll be hosting a webinar where I’ll be running through a number of things, from the benefits of this type of business (many of which you probably know), some key do’s and don’t’s for you to take away, and I’ll also be sharing more detail on how I get things done with you. Finally, I’ll explain all of what’s covered and how you can get involved.

For what I hope are obvious reasons (time!), I can only work with a handful of you at this time. So if you’re interested, please do your best to be on that call. I’ll send details over the weekend or on Monday at the latest.

For now, enjoy the report below, with my compliments. And if you need or want to, you can use the link below that to review the previous videos and reports in this series.

I hope you have a great weekend (when the time comes – short week that feels very long this week!), and I’m really looking forward to sharing more info very soon.


>>>Download the traffic getting report here<<<

>>>Review the previous reports and videos here<<<

5 thoughts on “Online Business Training Part 4: Getting Visitors”

  1. Matt

    What about Tax – I would have to pay 50% on the figures that you quote + the loss of most of my pension. Income on the left and Expenses on the Right of the balance sheet. So far no mention of the outgoing??

    1. Hi Pete

      We all have to pay tax! I’m not a tax advisor and don’t know about offsetting things against pension etc. All I know is that if you make money, the government taxes it. Them’s the rules, no different here.

      What I can say is that if you set up a company, like I did, corporation tax is 22% which is a bit more palatable than 40 or 50%. Also, if your business is racing related, like mine is (and presumably yours would be), then things like trips to the races, racing books and manuals and so on are tax deductible.

      In other words, the taxman helps me with the things I used to pay full whack for. That is one of the many perks of running a business in an arena that you love.

      Finally, let me get to the crux of the matter Pete. I don’t think that tax has any bearing on this, as if you don’t make profit you won’t pay tax. And if you do (and if you follow my advice, you will), then it’s no problem giving a slice of the profits to support the country. 🙂


  2. Pete, If you are talking private pension, there will be no offset
    If you are talking state pension the only offset would be any extra to bring you to the minimum which is marginal.
    If you worked at B&Q part time it would be exactly the same with you paying tax on the excess.

    Should you hit £30,000 you will only pay at 25% and if like me that would be a glorious dream come true, to give the state £7500 is pretty well irrelevant whatever you think of how most of it is wasted.
    And expenses and outgoings are the same thing and they are able to be deducted from your income before you are taxed.
    If and when you hit the giddy heights of £50,000 gross you will attract 40% tax and as Matt says, for a cost of zilch you can have a Company formed with an annual accountants fee at that level of only £2000 or so – again deductable (so it only costs £1200 in realitty) and presumably your new knowledge if it be racing, will give you more betting income which , of course, is tax free – so far as it is not your full time biz – and if you are doing other things on which you are paying tax, e.g. IM which is what all this is about, then it cannot be counted as a full time biz.
    I hate tax for how it is squandered, but I my love of the difference between what I would earn and the tax that would be deducted means I would pay it, perhaps not with a smile on my face, but happy with the knowledge that what was left for me was a damn site more!
    Rember, you only pay tax if you are getting more!

    Good luck if you go with this – but we have to be able to afford it first Matt, you are still teasing and you know it!(probably a “how to” in the manual.)

    1. Thanks Colin – very good/helpful reply.

      Please accept my apologies for ‘teasing’ with the price. It’s deliberate only insofar as until the product is complete and I can show you the VALUE it has, I don’t want to share a number / price out of context. I’ve said already that in absolute terms it might be considered expensive, but in terms of what it enables, honestly, I’ve never seen ANYONE put an offer like this together before. Of course, I’m somewhat biased but I hope you’ll see what I mean in a few more days.

      Thanks a lot for your patience.


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