How I got started online, and why…

I want to share a little of my background with you today. I’m not special, and I didn’t have blinding computer or marketing skills when I started. In fact, I didn’t have any of either of those things when I started.

Watch the video below to find out how and why I got started online. And do leave a comment or question underneath if you’d like.


If you like it, or have any questions, do leave a comment.



40 thoughts on “How I got started online, and why…”

  1. Just watched the video Matt, and I can relate to some of what you say, lookinjg forward to the next instalment.

  2. hi matt,really enjoyed listening to you @hearing of your almost retired being 64,so im not really savvy enough to start a be over the moon though if you could point me in the direction of a really good betting system which would suppliment my frugal to be state pension.its refreshing to find someone who gets enjoyment in helping wishes bill

  3. Hi Matt,
    I did not know what exactly I was going to read and listen to for 10 minutes but it turned out to be a worthwhile endevour. As usual Matt you got it man and I look forward to your next show in the near future. I only wish you had been around 40 years ago perhaps I may not have come over to Boeing in Seattle. To me you and Gavin are the very best.
    Your Mate in the States,

  4. Hi Matt – a good personal approach to your next venture! However my cynacism has now reached such a level that I feel another ‘sales pitch’ is about to begin with some future video hitting the vulnerable in the pocket based on a bed of meagre hope in an over competitive market! Sorry to be so negative but I now believe that the vendors of systems and strategies and ultimately online sales methodolgy make much more money from such ventures than they do by using the products themselves – Can you please prove me wrong and begin to restore my faith in the murky world of online marketeering so that I can see ethical opportunities rather than pure profiteering.
    And you’re one of the good guys!!

    1. Hi Pete

      Yes, absolutely, I am going to be offering a product. But not a betting system. As I say, this is about business. It won’t be for everyone. Or even most people.

      But I know, not just from my own experience, but from those I’ve helped to get started, that what I have works.

      And I’m very excited about helping a few more people to change their lives. No sales spiel. No cynicism. No exaggerations. Just good process, excellent support, and a few very motivated individuals.

      That, I’m proud to report, is as close to the ideal antidote to all the bullshit out there as you’ll get. 😉


      p.s. I make more money from selling betting stuff than I do from showing others how to do it. But I enjoy the business training SO MUCH MORE!

      1. So I feel I know that must make a change, really” feel” that this will be done and … I got your story.
        It gave me hope and trust!
        And, you know, when I am heading for retirement, I still wake up thinking how I could learn things on others.
        No, I was not a teacher, But … feeling that ideas are transmitted.
        I look forward to your continued!
        I am grateful also for the fact that your story appears as written text.
        Not mastered English and even less English spoken. Thus, we understand and even beyond words.
        Thank you!
        PS-do not know if there are English words” Morning Star” murmur
        That is when, beyond the reason someone like you to talk.
        That’s it!

  5. Hi It just goes to show what you can achieve when your back is up against the wall.I wish I was 30 years younger (as of last week an official pensioner).Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi Matt,

    I must say that I agree with Pete 100%, including that you are one of the good guys.
    However in my humble opinion the goods never quite live up to the hype of the marketing be it from yourself or your trainees.
    I have been with you from the start and still enjoy visiting the site, so am not purposely trying to be negative. You are a fair enough and approachable sort of chap and a very good salesman, but in years of searching I have yet to find anything that lives up to the marketing hype from you or anyone else.
    All the best,

    1. Hi Rog

      Whilst I generally agree with you about hype, I would say that the likes of Kieran recently for instance – who has used actual live service results to promote his offer – and myself – who stated as the Betfolio target to make 100 points this season (currently at around 40 points and right on target) and also used live service results to promote Laying System… I would say that those services DO live up to the ‘hype’.

      The problem in life, as you will know, is that EVERYTHING is over-hyped. It’s not some peculiar element which only applies in racing. And if one has any desire to compete one must ‘play the game’, at least to some degree. I’m lucky that my reputation allows me to be a little more realistic than many, and the association of my students generally grants them the public ear as well.

      It is a very difficult business in which to remain credible, alas.

  7. Thanks Matt. If the product is what I think it will be, you will have pre-empted a request I was about make. Looking forward to part 2.
    Best wishes,

  8. Hi Matt, I’ve been following you for some time now and you come across as really enjoying what you do. I can’t wait to see your next video.
    kind regards

  9. Hi Matt,
    Nice to know there are others out there looking for a way “out”.It gives me hope to persevere!

  10. Hi Matt, just can’t wait for the next installment, love the way you talk and put things, I only found your GeeGee website last week and realy loving it. Keep up the good work. Thanks Ian a “Believer”

  11. Hi Matt.

    I run a couple of businesses at present, making and distributing non digital products. I am highly motivated and have been looking at opportunities similar to what you have done for many years. I agree with Pete and Roger’s comments above. I have paid out some hefty sums looking at making me a return on these investments but soon realised that the people peddeling digital products make most of their money by selling to lots of people and not actually by using the system themselves. This has left me very sceptical about digital products. The main concern is that you could be selling something that many others are selling as well. I am a keen follower of Sports and Horse Racing. When I was employed before I started my first business I was very up to date on all things horse racing and football betting related. Since starting my own business I soon realised that I had little time to spend looking at form and stats and since then my betting has become far more limited. On the plus side I am a lot more disciplined now when I put down my hard earned money. I read your daily emails when I get the chance and yesterday really enjoyed the form study video and found it an excellent watch. Due to the economic climate things are very tough at the moment and I would love the opportunity of creating more of a lifestyle business than the really hard slog and being tied to the buisnesses as I currently am. If nothing else it would provide some much needed extra revenue. There is a fantastic book from Michael Gerber called the E Myth and he talks about working on the Business and not in the Buisness. If you read this book it will tell you exactly where I am in my life. I do need to get to see and understand a lot more about and yourself in general. But it does look like you could be one of the good guys Matt and I hope if there is a genuine opprtunity out there that you can show I would be very interested in finding out about it. Look forward to checking out further updates and what opportunities there are out there from yourself.
    Best Regards

  12. Torn between the next episode of Alcatraz and a vid from Matt, I opted for the latter. Glad I did, it was much more exciting than the telly. It sparked many reactions, firstly that you’re doing what I do when reading form, then thinking that one of us was approaching it from the wrong direction; then the relief to see that, in fact, we BOTH were achieving what we were looking for even though they were widely different things! Can’t wait for the next episode 🙂

  13. hi, mat before i go any further i would like to say a big thankyou for everything really interesting marketing ploy for someone who is relatively new to horse racing looking forward to hearing from you in the near future have a great weekend and take care

  14. Very Good Matt,I have followed your progress from the beginning and would like to quote you a paragraph from a called “Against the odds” written by David-Lee Priest.Which you will understand.

    “Some psychologists would say that you self-esteem and to a lesser extent your happiness ,are in direct proportion to your willingness to take risks.If you have dared to reach out and touch your dreams then you can have no regrets as this is a most enviable state”

    Best wishes


    1. Hi David

      Good to hear from you. How are you?

      Many thanks for the quote, and I must say that I think it’s true. It’s a little ethereal for some maybe, but the reality is this: if you look to the next three years, and you can honestly say you’ll a) still have a job, and b) (still) be enjoying it, then fair play. For everyone else, there is an alternative!


  15. excellent video matt i myself have recently had to retire on health grounds and love my racing enjoy reading and listening to video’s there is not many people on the net who are willing to give something back i admit my self nothing is better than telling yer mates a horse that wins or sports event when you make them money so can understand what you are trying to say if there is something that would make a profit nobody would complain about paying as long as you are winning but there are a lot of cowboys out there matt look forward to next installment

  16. Dear Matt,

    Thank you very much for sharing the beginning of your story with us. I find you particularly compelling and although I am interested in betting systems etc. I am more enthused by an online business venture where I can promote myself with regard to my chosen field. Will the product or service you are going to offer help with this?

    I have only been indulging in horse racing within the last couple of years and have lost rather a lot of money due to my own inept capability at the sport. I would have loved to have signed up to Betfolio but unfortunately did not have the funds available despite it being good value. I am just glad I have come across your good self to guide me along the right channels but as I have already mentioned I am indeed more interested in the business side of things and greatly look forward to what you may be offering.

    Thank you moreover for being honest and decent or at least this is what comes across…

    Kind Regards,


  17. Hi Matt,

    Very interesting video, I can fully understand how you enjoy training people as I went through the same experience nearly 10 years ago when I started training students, it really is the most rewarding experience I’ve had in my working life and I still love it today.

    However I was going to write to you and Chris regarding a project I was going to start (it was for advice and help) regarding my 12 year old son. We have agreed that when he is 16 we will go away together on a ‘bonding’ holiday that I have to pay all the costs. At present his heart is set upon a safari in Kenya or South Africa (no doubt by the time he’s 16 he’ll want to go to Bangkok, wonder what his mother would say to that eh?) and I was thinking of ways to pay for it.

    I thought I would use a betting bank and use one of the systems that you have in your portfolio (I have reviewed several systems for your websites and know that there are some that are good and some are just rank rotten). I have been mulling over the problem of which system? I have just over 4 years to build up the funds so slow regular growth would be better than a volatile system that has large peaks and troughs.

    I have already saved up a considerable bank (well to me it is) and could continue saving the same old way but……I would prefer better growth and some excitement and the satisfaction and fun at beating the bookies. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Iain

      I’m sorry about this reply, as it won’t be the ‘right answer’.

      I’ve never been very good in the role of financial advisor, and much prefer ‘edutainer’.

      Personally, I’m no fan of profit first, fun second. I’m not knocking it, but it doesn’t align to my style.

      It’s a question I’m often asked, but I’m afraid there’s no simple answer. All systems have peaks and troughs, good ones and bad ones.

      Sorry again,

      1. Hi Matt,

        No problem mate, I fully understand. I’m actually well into the process of choosing a ‘system’ it’s just making that final commitment as I’m constantly bombarded with ‘new systems’ if you know what I mean. I need to discipline myself to keep to the rules as I’m always loosing profits by trying doubles and trebles in the hope of a ‘bigger win’, stupid eh?

        All the best.


  18. Thanks very much Matt

    looks interesting. I will stay tuned in. You definitely come across as genuine in the range of videos and mail I get from you.I imagine that’s pretty rare in this business, so I genuinely wish you further success.

  19. Can i just say, in reply to some of the understandably skeptical remarks above?

    There IS no magic bullet in racing except, usually, being the bookie.

    From time to time a system or method comes along which, for a while, makes a profit – until the bookies catch on to it. The whole art of gambling, whatever the medium is knowing when to get on and when to get off.

    But how many copies of a system do you think i would sell if i made that the headline in a sales letter? This is the conundrum. I want to be honest but i want to sell too. The truth is the punters want something that doesn’t exist. A system/method/tipping service that constantly delivers regular monthly profits that just keep going up and up without the inevitable problem of losing periods and runs.

    This exists only in fairyland.

    On the business angle, yes, i know what’s coming. I should, i was a student of Matt’s and have made my fee back several times.

    Honestly, punters, in the betting and business sense, have to learn to manage their expectations. Harry Findlay once said “no-one on the planet makes more than 8% of their turnover” I think he was referring to gambling but it isn’t much more for everything else when everything is taken into account, time etc.

    Basically, the times we live in our giving us a stern education that the tooth fairy doesn’t exist.

    People want lots out for putting little in whereas, in reality, what you give is what you get (as Paul Weller once said).

  20. Waiting for the next vid, I have been using systems from you & a couple of others for a year now & July was the only month I made a loss (mainly because I was on holiday for 2 weeks & had to promise to leave the horses at home. With your help I am learning how to create my own systems as well now using Horseracebase which you promoted.

  21. Thanks a lot for your comments so far, and I’m glad you appreciated the story.

    Yes, for sure, I’m one of the good guys. And the joy of this business is in helping other good guys to get on. John is another such fellow.

    Hard working, prepared to learn, and now has traded a job in glazing for a life in France – sounds like a pretty good trade to me!

    Stay tuned for more info next week.


  22. Hi Matt, always interesting to read your stuff so will look forward to the next pitch, with of course a healthy dose of reality check. That’s not in any way intended to be negative just lessons of life learned (some the hard way)

    I have followed horse racing for donkey’s years, have owned horses via syndicates but rarely if ever bet or go to that track now as I believe that it is just too open to abuse and I miss the pre exchange days – it annoys me big time to see that bookies are now exchange players like everyone else. So I don’t think it is fun any more. I know I am a sad old retired git with time on my hands but if you have some ideas to make a bit of dosh without betting then I’m interested – I’m sure it will be better than bowls, or even worse, photography!

    1. Hi Normski

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, you can be assured there will be reality checks running through everything I share in the coming days. For those prepared to work with this, it’s always come up trumps. As John – and lots of others, a few of whom I’ll (re-) introduce you to next week – can vouch.


      p.s. I doubt bowls or photography are that bad!!

  23. Hi Matt

    Good story, just shows what can be achieved if you put your mind to it. Keep it going there’s loads more you can achieve.
    I have to say I have found most of the systems are successful, you just have to stick with them and stay disciplined. I also think some of the original systems around Trainers are still the best systems.
    I understand the sceptics because there are so many shite’s about in the Horse racing world. I’ve always found you dead straight Matt and you seem to get so much satisfaction from other people’s success – how refreshing. I’ve put my money where my mouth is (and I’m a hard nosed business guy)by investing in 2 of the horses – what a great pleasure to be involved with like minded people who are not just after a quick buck – Cheers Matt


  24. As you know Matt I have followed you from the very early days you talk about including the early forage into Horse racing ownership with old ADO etc.
    I look forward to following your ongoing entreprenurial career and wish you well for the future

    1. Hi David,

      Good to hear from you, and I hope you’re keeping well.

      Very kind of you to follow geegeez (and my!) progress. Hopefully it’s not too dull a pastime. 😉


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