I’m thinking about writing a book…

Leon, building.

Jeez, unbelievably, it’s been almost four years since I’ve written on my own blog.

Four years.

The last time I wrote on here, my son, Leonardo (Leon to everyone) was preparing for his first birthday. Now, he’s finished nursery and will be headed to ‘big school’ in September.

The last I penned here, Leon was barely walking or talking. Now he’s riding a bike, doing martial arts, swimming, forming surprisingly interesting sentences, learning to spell, and doing basic adding and subtracting.

Oh, and his party piece: he can recite the planets, in order from the sun, and tell you a couple of characteristics of each.

Finally, he’s a Lego master builder, who can build kits for eight year olds pretty much from memory once he’s followed the instructions once. And yes, he builds from the instructions on his own. Good lad!

Anyway, enough of the proud parent blurb.

The other thing which has happened in those four years is that geegeez.co.uk has gone from being a little affiliate site to a credible computer form book, with over 11,000 registered users and many hundreds of paying subscribers. (Thank you!)

With the support of a passionate army of readers and subscribers, we’ve built something that the major publishers – Racing Post, ATR, Racing UK, Timeform, Sporting Life and on – are very much aware of. Sadly, because of the nature of budgets – we have hardly any, they all have bundles – it is nigh on impossible to compete in business terms with those legacy behemoths, who are supported by decades of print publication and/or their own television channels.

The flip side of that is we are a small team, and therefore more agile. And, importantly, I own the company. That’s a very grandiose statement relevant only because it means I haven’t got shareholders or venture capitalists demanding I maximize their ‘dollar return’.

So we don’t really do bookie stuff. Sure, there are links on the site, more for convenience than anything else (most of the geegeez affiliate accounts are in negative equity – meaning punters are winning – which is something I’m weirdly proud of – a great businessman, me).

I’d like to do more tote promotion, mainly because there I can will Gold subscribers to win and get a small percentage of their turnover. Win win, if you like.

In fact, regular readers will know I love tote betting. So much so that I started another side project – totepooldomination.com – before I got side-tracked by son and site.

No, we don’t really do bookie stuff – and in terms of bespoke promotions it’s only ever when the deal is a ‘no brainer’, and usually for existing customers as well as new signups.

Geegeez’ income is from Gold subscriptions, the vast majority of which is reinvested into the product. Your product. (Thank you again!)

And now, more than four years into the ‘data project’, we’re getting to a level of maturity: there isn’t a huge amount more we can do that has mainstream appeal. Of course, there is always more we can – and will – do to enhance this bell or that whistle; but we’re into marginal gains territory in terms of broad appeal.

That, along with increasing the team size ever so slightly to help with a growing level of support overhead, and most importantly with Leon about to start school, means for the first time in five years I have the prospect of a bit of time on my hands.

It’s been a hard slog these last five years. Fantastic, and the best five years of my life on both a personal and professional level. But f’cking hard all the same.

I’m about ready for a little rest, or at least a change of routine, and I’m going to get it. It won’t be fun for the first few weeks when Leon is not around the office to provide regular and welcome interruptions, just as it took time to get used to handing over the ‘first and second level support’ to Chris and Steve.

The support help – they do much more on the content side, as fans of Stat of the Day and Race of the Day well know – has facilitated most of the development work on the form tools and racecards and, most recently, the fledgling Query Tool (a sort of system builder).

So I’ve been thinking about what to do with these extra few hours I’ll have each day. I could just goof off and drink coffee, or go racing… actually I’m pretty sure I will do that a fair bit!

But I also want to try to start – and finish – a project which has been on my bucket list for a decade.

I want to write a book.

It’s vain, I know, but hopefully in amongst the narcissism of being ‘a published author’ I will be able to corral something of what I’ve acquired about racing, form study and betting to create a readable informative text.

I know nothing about writing a book. I don’t even read that many (v-e-r-y s-l-o-w r-e-a-d-e-r y-o-u s-e-e…).

But I’ve written a fair bit in my time – approximately two and a half million words, some of them vaguely sensible – so I’m unlikely to struggle with writer’s block. Structure, however, and, well, just plain enjoyment factor, we’ll have to see on those scores.

I have an idea of the layout in content terms, which is nothing new. Where I hope to add novelty, and food for thought for all levels of punter (serious pro’s aside – there’s no point writing for people who already know it all (or think they do! 😉 )), is in the strategies and tactics I deploy, and how I use data to support all of my horse racing betting decisions.

It’s going to cover a fair amount of ground, but I don’t expect it to be overly long. That said, I have a chequered past when it comes to brevity… ahem.

How long will it take to write? Good question. In terms of pen hours, probably not that many. I have much of the content framework ‘upstairs’ and it is a matter of downloading it from brain to digital manuscript. I also know most of the reference texts I need to trawl back over – something I’m really looking forward to; I absolutely love reading racing books and haven’t had the time for years.

So, I reckon I’ll be able to cover each of the subject areas in two to three days, sometimes more, sometimes less. There are just shy of twenty of them, meaning a first draft in sixty-odd pen days.

Factoring in holidays, and ‘day job’ obligations on geegeez.co.uk and elsewhere, I’d hope to get a rough cut available by the end of November. How ambitious that is, we’ll see.

The book ought not to be overly long; I don’t want to go into nth degree detail. I reckon about 30,000-35,000 words (roughly 100-120 pages before images, charts and tables, of which there will be numerous).

If that sounds like a lot to you, consider that I’ve written almost 1500 words in this post without really saying anything! And I’ve written way more than 30,000 words on a single Cheltenham Festival race-by-race preview in the past.

I’m more interested in quality than quantity, and I intend for statistical imagery – the aforementioned chart/table output – to speak without in-depth translation.

There will, naturally, be references to Geegeez Gold in the book. Gold has been built to underpin the way I bet, and it’s supported the enhanced enjoyment and bottom line of hundreds of others, bringing many of them into profit for the very first time.

But it is fundamental that the book offers much insight regardless of the tools you use. Gold is, more than anything, an arsenal of shortcuts. It cuts to the quick of the form, be it pace, trainer patterns, or good old individual horse form. It enables punters to know more about a race, and to make better betting decisions, in less time.

So, yes, I will reference Gold, and show how I use it to understand various aspects of a day’s racing. I’ll also try to highlight free sources that achieve the same or similar ends, albeit with more grind involved.

That, at least, is the plan. It’s one that excites me if nobody else (!), and I hope by sharing it on here, that I might actually make it happen. Right now, I’m not sure whether I’ll publish chapter drafts on a blog – be that here or on geegeez.co.uk – but I might.

Anyway, feels good to end the four year hiatus on mattbisogno.com (I’ve still been paying the domain renewal fees!!), and thank you both for reading. 😉

Updates as I go.

Nanu Nanu


30 thoughts on “I’m thinking about writing a book…”

  1. Matt
    Would certainly look forward to reading your book. Back to geegeez, I have never backed so many winners, only recently a 20-1 winner at Beverley, musharrif. I don’t spend hours and hours trying to pick out winners, less than 1 hour a day ( mon-fri) no Saturday betting on your advice.
    I am off to the Ebor meeting in a few weeks, courtesy of the bookies, as was my Dante trip.


    Bill Bryce

    1. Hi Bill,
      That’s great to hear about your success with Geegeez Gold. Long may it continue!
      Enjoy York, when the time comes.


  2. It’s always good to see hard work paying off Matt. Enjoy writing the book, I’ll be interested to see how it turns out.

  3. Hi Matt, I think that you should definitely write the book and you’ll certainly have one eager customer and I’m sure a great many more. Why, you might even mention TTS and how it helped someone win a nice yankee bet.

    1. Haha, yes, for sure, Chris. Though it’s probably not going to be hugely autobiographical; more ‘how to’ is the general plan.
      Hope you’re keeping well – you still hold the record for the biggest winning acca, of those to have shared their story at least!


  4. Sounds Brilliant!! Put me down for a Copy.
    Wish Gee Geez Gold was around 40 years ago—- could have saved a fortune— or won one !!
    Hope you’ve got plenty of ” lead in your pencil ”
    All the best for the next 5 years.
    Regards, John C

    1. Very kind, John, thank you. And it’s great to read that Gold is helping your punting. Mine too! 🙂


  5. Fantastic idea Matt, I am a Gold subscriber and a huge Bisogno fan! I have found your posts very entertaining and informative to read. I look forward to having your new book on my Christmas wish list!

    1. Hi Mark
      Thanks for being a Gold subscriber, though sorry to hear about your ‘huge Bisogno fan’ affliction. I think you can get some ointment for that… 😉
      Appreciate you taking time to wish the project well – thanks again.

    1. Thanks Brian – hopefully it will be around this side of Christmas, but that may be a tad ambitious. Time will tell, also on whether it will make a good xmas/birthday present!


    1. Thanks Nigel. Without sounding like too much of a ‘nob’, the success of Geegeez Gold is in its subscribers getting greater value from their punting. With luck the book will support and assist that objective too. Writing a book is not a smart business move, unless you’re JK Rowling!


    1. Thanks for the comment, Simon, and also for being active in the forum – it’s much appreciated.

      Yes, you may certainly bags a signed copy – just don’t expect it to be worth any more (maybe even slightly less!!) than an unsigned one!


  6. Good luck with that Matt
    Would love to know what exactly Gee Geez gold gives everyone info wise to get them so much profit? Is it a particular report or section of tips?

  7. Hi Matt, I’ve been following you from the very start must be 10 years now since GG first appeared in its earliest incarnation before all the detail Gold brings me now. I think just about everything you have done has been brilliant and you have continually built on your successes. Like yourself and others I like tote betting and you had some early goes at syndicates which ran in to some PayPal problems as I remember but you pointed us towards JPS racing and I have also stayed with them since the start with the first scoop 6 win a couple of weeks ago and the bonus missed by a head. Sorry waffling now, your book will be brilliant and I look forward to reading it.

    1. Hi Pete

      Firstly thank you for your tolerance over what has been a decade, yes. I started in Summer 2006 with the very first TTS, and NagNagNag followed later that year. Geegeez started in 2008, with Gold coming online in late 2013. It’s been quite a ride, and incredible fun. But I genuinely mean it when I say none of it would have been possible without the support from people like yourself. it’s truly appreciated.

      Regarding tote syndicates, there will be some big news on this in around a year’s time. I can’t say more at this time, except that we’ll be doing a LOT of them!!

      Thanks again,

  8. Hi Matt, when I was a lowly auditor on the road i had a second job proof/sense reading books. Mostly non fiction. the majority sports based. Something to do in the evenings in hotels and getting paid for it. Anyway happy to help if I am needed. Optimistic to ne done November time I would say. Good luck.

    1. Hi Martin, thanks for checking in. I think you’re probably right about my ambitious timeline, but we’ll see. I’m certainly not going to be disappointed if it takes longer. It’s been in my head to do it for about five years now, so another few months wouldn’t hurt! But I am going to aim for this year.

      Very much appreciate the offer of support as well, on which I may well take you up.


    1. Thanks Daragh, sure I’ll need it. And thanks for taking time to read the post above. Hope all’s well.


      p.s. I’ll be looking out for MDOC’s runners this week, though looks like he’s a marked man with the books…!

  9. Matt, I too would add my name to the list of people awaiting your book. I suspect that brevity will be the key to a good read but, as you yourself say……………..

    That said, I only use a fraction of what Gold offers, and still turn a decent profit and get accounts closed, so I am sure that there will be something for everyone.

    1. Thanks Bob. I’ll do my best to keep it on the brief side!

      Great to hear you’re using Gold to turn a profit. I think one of the great fallacies is that you have to use ALL of it to be ‘doing it right’. Many people just follow Stat of the Day, or just use TJ Combo and/or The Shortlist, or whatever.

      The key, as you have discovered, is to find the bits that work for you – that fit in with the time and experience level you have, and fit the way you punt – and use those. I imagine you occasionally dip into other aspects, and from that you might introduce some of them into your betting. And you might not. It doesn’t matter!

      Anyway, further evidence – as if it was needed – that the brevity part will be my biggest challenge… 😉


  10. Good luck with the book Matt will be looking forward to purchasing one sure it will be an interesting read antony

  11. I so love the way you’ve sorted out your whole life…and then put it out in the public domain with pride (not too much!) and confidence. The whole Geegeez trip has been amazing to be part of and from the very first time I “stumbled across your site” I’ve been hooked on watching you living out my dream! That you have helped any racing enthusiast who has ever crossed your path is without doubt; that you go on having ideas which take you out of your comfort zone and us on a further adventure is a sign of an exciting and active mind. So now, a book! Fantastic – I started writing one when I retired 10 years ago (The working title – “What’s form got to do with anything?”) and I started assembling my thoughts…and over exactly the same time period as I’ve been following you and your journey I realised that I was never going to publish because all the work has been done by you and now my “final touches” are complemented by the Geegeez site. As a “Gold Lifer” I can literally tune in to the days racing and in seconds identify the races that I like and know that the depth I can drill down to will give me the “edge” and the better odds. My book will never see publication but yours will be a pleasure to read because one of your added talents is that you’re a natural communicator and wordsmith – your ship is steaming ahead in calm waters; leave the boys in the engine room to keep her sailing while you take a well-deserved break and live out another bit of the dream…oh yes and perhaps give your family a bit more time too! Best wishes to you and yours

    1. Hi Richard,

      Those are very kind sentiments, eloquently expressed, and I offer my sincere thanks for them.

      It has been a remarkable journey for me personally, and is still surprising that others like yourself have taken such a keen interest. As I say, I’m very grateful for that.

      Implicit in your comment is that my book timeline may be a tad ambitious. Suspect that might be right, but we’ll see. It will hopefully retain relevance even if it doesn’t arrive until early next year. But I’m not thinking about that right now!


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